Urology Care for Seniors

Who is Urological Solutions?

Urological Solutions is a physician group lead by Dr. Roger Beyer,
MD. Dr. Beyer is a Urogynecologist who has been in private practice for 25 years. Dr. Beyer and his team of Nurse
Practitioners come to you to provide care for your bladder control problems. Dr. Beyer’s group offers services that can help restore as much normal bladder function as possible in a friendly and supportive manner. All treatments are non-surgical and are done in the privacy and comfort of each patient’s home.

Isn’t it normal to have bladder control problems as you get older? While bladder control problems are common, they are not a natural part of aging. Using Depends may be managing the symptoms now, but if left untreated, the problem will become progressively worse, causing a variety of complications. The benefits of dealing with incontinence and prostate issues are significant and include: Reduce the chance of a fall. 50% of falls in the elderly population are associated with a “bathroom incident” Reduce skin irritation and sores caused by urine. Manage Urinary Tract Infections. Not only are UTIs painful, but they also contribute to impaired mental function.

Spending less money on depends and incontinence medications Less  embarrassing moments of urine loss and urine odors.


State Of The Art Diagnostic Testing

Today's state-of-the-art technology has evolved into a powerful tool to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

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Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation

Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation (PMR), is a non-surgical therapy to eliminate or reduce symptoms of pelvic floor disorders.

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Patient Education & Videos

Learn how to self-catheterize, care for your suprapubic catheter after surgery and about managing your overactive bladder.

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